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The Daily Rotation - Haywire Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "2012 is here and it’s kicking off with a bang! Haywire is not only one of the better action films I’ve seen in recent years, but it’s also one of the best Steven Soderbergh films ever made. The pacing is tight, the music is great and the tone walks a fine line of being both bad ass and an all-around fun film to watch. It reminds me most of his Ocean‘s trilogy, but with more action. Gina Carano makes a strong impression on the acting world with her impressive physical abilities and guys like Michael Fassbender, Michael Douglas and Ewan McGregor continue to display their acting skills in supporting roles that are just as important as Carano’s. Haywire is the best film I’ve seen so far this year and it will probably remain that way for the next coming months."

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SRC3440d ago

Now I really want to see this one.