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IGN - Justified: "The Gunfighter" Review

IGN - Season 2 was very strong. Margo Martindale brought to life Mags Bennett, an old-school Harlan County power maven that stopped the coal companies from drilling in the hills. The Bennetts and the Givens' had a feud, as people in Harlan County are wont to do, and the Bennetts ended up on bottom. Mags was a tragic character—she loved and protected her sons and that love ended up being the death of her. Martindale deserved the Emmy she got for her work, even if the Golden Globes then somehow forgot her. Ultimately, the only Bennett to survive was the hobbled sociopath Dickie Bennett, played very well by Lost alum Jeremy Davies, whose actions have put him on Boyd's hit list.

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alycakes3435d ago

I think this is the best show on FX to date. I really loved last season so lets see if they top it. The characters last season and the storyline was really true to the nature of that show and to the people. The acting was outstanding. No one is safe on this can be there one day and dead the it's going to depend on the story itself.

I saw the premiere and it is going to be another one of those seasons but lets see how far they take it. I can't even tell you from one episode to the next if I will like or hate the bad guy 'Crowder''s always up and down with him too.