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George Lucas Is Ready to Roll the Credits

New York Times:
This was a new feeling for George Lucas. He made a movie about a plucky band of freedom fighters who battle an evil empire — a movie loaded with special effects like no one had seen before. Then he showed it to executives from all the Hollywood studios. And every one of them said, “Nope.”

One studio’s executives didn’t even show up for the screening. “Isn’t this their job?” Lucas says, astonished. “Isn’t their job at least to see movies? It’s not like some Sundance kid coming in there and saying, ‘I’ve got this little movie — would you see it?’ If Steven (Spielberg) or I or Jim Cameron or Bob Zemeckis comes in there, and they say, ‘We don’t even want to bother to see it. . . .’ ”

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alycakes3904d ago

He has a right to retire when he wants but I'm sure if something comes along that he wants to do he'll come out of retirement to make that certain film. That's just the way they are.

LettingGo3903d ago

Maybe you should make a good film before retiring?

American Graffiti and Star Wars may have your name on them, but dude...that was ALL other people. (The good parts, at least.)

hay3902d ago

Obviosuly man. He cashed in someone's talent.

MinimeJer053903d ago

He's been saying this forever. I'll believe him when the film gets released.

moosekebabs3903d ago

I think going back to basics as far as production values and SFX are concerned would do him a world of good. Put aside his own massive billionaire baggage and make something quiet and personal.

eak33902d ago

I hope his fat ass stays retired and he can make all the small indie flicks he wants that very few people will see. Lucas let his greed overwhelm his imagination and after the original trilogy gave us nothing but the horrible prequels, and a "new" version of the original every few years. He raped his own franchise to become the billionaire he is today. I will never watch another movie of his and I hope this new movie of his tanks royally.

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The story is too old to be commented.