Underworld vs. Resident Evil

IGN: These two long-running horror franchises are more similar than you might think.

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MinimeJer053915d ago

As much as I hate to say this, but I Think Resident Evil is the winner here! I've always noted how similar the series' are, but I've never really cared for Underworld. Only seen the prequel and part of the first one. I actually think I own the second one on Blu and have never watched it.

aDDicteD3915d ago

yup both are very similar and my pick is underworld by far,, hated the story of RE movie

alycakes3915d ago

I don't compare the two because I love them both. They both fight evil and that's as similar as it gets because the evil they fight is so different from the others.

Both can really kick ass though.

DarkBlood3914d ago

both great series got all of the resident evil movies i would of gotten the trilogy of underworld for blu-ray but im going to see if they do something like another boxset when the 4th one comes out on blu-ray