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AMC Announces Premiere Dates For Mad Men, The Killing; Extends The Walking Dead To 16 Episodes

The Collider:
The Television Critics Association press tour is winding down to a close, and AMC recently held their panel and revealed tidbits on three of its original series. During the cable channel’s press panel, the network announced that its critically lauded flagship series Mad Men will finally return on March 25th. The series will have been off the air for almost a year and a half, but season five will kick off with a Jon Hamm-directed two-hour premiere that creator Matthew Weiner describes as a “Mad Men movie.” Hit the jump for more, including the premiere date of The Killing, when audiences will finally find out who killed Rosie Larson, and an episode extension for the third season of The Walking Dead.

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alycakes3444d ago

I don't watch Mad Men but I do keep up with The Killing even if I don't watch every episode. I am glad they extended The Walking least it won't seem like they end it before it even gets started.

NovusTerminus3442d ago

Where... Is... My... Breaking... Bad????

Lord_Sloth3442d ago

Gonna agree with LordMe on this. Breaking Bad and Walking Dead are the only shows on television I even watch regularly.

We know when the Walking Dead starts...But no word yet on Breaking Bad...I WANNA SEE HOW WALT WINS AGAIN!!!

alycakes3442d ago

Breaking Bad is coming back...just don't know when but I do believe it will be their last season.

Lord_Sloth3442d ago

I'm very much aware. I just wish to know when and this wait is driving me insane in the membrane!!!

JL3441d ago

Glad to see Walking Dead get an extension. And I'm eagerly anticipating its return in February.

I also watched all Mad Men while it was on break. I really enjoyed it, so I'll be checking that out as well. But March? I could have sworn it was supposed to be back this month or February.

pomoluese3441d ago

I need more Mad Men in my life.