TCA: Most of 'Wilfred' Cliffhanger To Be Answered in Season 2 Opener

THR Live Feed:
"Ninety-five percent of the cliffhanger is resolved in the premiere," showrunner David Zuckerman tells reporters.

Is Wilfred (Jason Gann) real? Was Ryan (Elijah Wood) successful in his suicide attempt? If the dog who appears as a human in a costume does exist, will he remember Ryan? What consequences will Ryan pay for ruining his sister's marriage?

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alycakes3916d ago

I'm sorry but I tried to watch this last season and I couldn't get into it. If anyone watched it and enjoyed it...I'm happy for you but I don't know why that there was just something about it that was just annoying me. Maybe I just was having a bad day or week or something but I found it dumb and not funny at all. I think I have a pretty good sense of humor and this just wasn't funny...and again I'm me it wasn't.

Blink_443913d ago

Show was frigin hilarious...just didn't like all the weed smoking.

alycakes3912d ago

I didn't know that they did that on the show. I think sometimes I have so many shows to keep up with that I just have to decide to let some go and if I don't just love them on the first showing.....I let them go.