Weekend Box Office: Audiences Smuggle 'Contraband' Into The Number One Spot

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After a year which sported the lowest attendance numbers in sixteen years, studios are looking for all the bright sides they can find. Thus far, 2012 has provided them, with big number one debuts for a cheap horror acquisition and, now, a solidly mid-budgeted star vehicle. "Contraband" nailed the top spot this weekend, of the four day holiday weekend, that was slightly down from last year. However, this is a solid win for Universal, who spent $40 million on the Mark Wahlberg project, gambling that the film would open uncharacteristically big for an R-rated January offering.

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alycakes3906d ago

Well, I wasn't going to go see this movie but today I saw extended previews of it and it looked pretty darn good. If I see all the movies I want to see this next week and weekend which are about 3 new ones coming up, I may just go see it.

FiLTHY ESKiMO3904d ago

The main star in the Icelandic film "Reyjavík Rotterdam" directed this one, I believe.

alycakes3904d ago

Well, if the weather is nice my sister and I have already decided to go see it.