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Star Wars: Underworld – What We Want, And What We Need

From Pixel Apocalypse...

"On the last episode of the podcast Alex and I were discussing the working title for the Star Wars live-action TV series, and the fact that we may be closer to seeing it than any of us thought. While I was just firing from the hip on the podcast, it got me thinking…

What would I want to see from a Star Wars live-action TV series that takes place between my most hated, and most loved Star Wars tales?

Not only that, but what would Star Wars fans in general need to see to prevent them taking to public forums everywhere and burning images of Lucas in effigy? For what it’s worth, here is my take on the topic…"

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Garethvk3905d ago

Until they figure a way to make it budget friendly it will stay a long shot. Terra Nova is clocking in at 4 Million an episode and lets be honest, has Sy Fy channel quality FX. Lucas has stated as has Mc Callum that they do not want to lower the visual standards of Star Wars but cannot find a way to do live action on a friendly budget. If you tone down the FX you get the Ewok adventures or worse, the holiday special.