NBC Comedies Barely Achieve Giggles

Emily Estep at Speakeasy Magazine says, "The best night in comedy is back . . . or is it? NBC’s Thursday night line-up has hit all kinds of levels of hilarity and complete secondhand-embarrassment garbage in the past few years, with some shows that have changed in quality overtime, ('The Office'), some shows that were always good, ('30 Rock') and shows that have pretty much always been awful – like, say, last year’s ill-fated attempt, 'Perfect Couples.'"

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emily_estep3097d ago

What does everyone think? I was vastly disappointed in this week's episodes.

pomoluese3096d ago

30 Rock has been pretty terrible since last season, I wish that they would stop making Liz even more weird it went from the first two or three seasons where I could relate to just insane weird stuff. I can't even watch The Office. Parks and Rec and Up All Night was good though.

SeanPatrick3096d ago

I liked Parks and Rec. I was intrigued by where 30 Rock is headed, not that I know where that is, but I am eager to find out.

Blink_443096d ago

Parks and rec is always good, the office has been mediocre

pr0digyZA3096d ago

Ye it felt like it was missing something hmmmm... oh of course Community.

emily_estep3096d ago

Yeah. The very fact that Up All Night is in the line-up - no offense to Up All Night - and Community isn't goes to show that NBC thinks American audiences can't handle anything abstract or strange. Which is probably true..?

kevnb3095d ago

americans cant handle anything too different.

alycakes3096d ago

I've never been a fan of any of them. I'm have a few sitcoms that I watch but those aren't it. I'm more of a Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother kinda comedy person I also like that new Broke Girls.

emily_estep3096d ago

Really? How I Met Your Mother is getting so old. And I'm starting to feel the same way about Big Bang Theory.

alycakes3095d ago

I agree with you on HIMYM...tired of not knowing who he married but I'll never get tired of the big bang.

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