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Exclusive: Steven Soderberg On Magic Mike, Liberace And Side Effects

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Earlier this week, had the opportunity to have a lengthy phone interview with Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, whose action-thriller Haywire comes out on January 20. That movie actually shot a few years back and since then, Soderbergh made the viral outbreak thriller Contagion and he's filmed his next project Magic Mike with Channing Tatum, which we spoke to him about.

Written by Reid Carolin, Channing's production partner, Soderbergh explained to us what interested him in the film, which takes place in the world of male strippers and is loosely based on Channing's own personal experiences:

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alycakes3437d ago

Well I think Haywire will be a big hit or at least a lot bigger than anyone is expecting. I know that I want to see all that action on the big screen not sitting at home on a smaller tv set.