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Syfy Expands 'Warehouse 13' Season With More Episodes

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Syfy is going ahead and ordering additional episodes for Warehouse 13, pushing the fourth season total to 20 episodes, a source tells The Hollywood Reporter.

The news comes after Warehouse 13 wrapped up its third season, the highest-rated among adults 18-49 for the franchise thus far. In viewership, it averaged more than 2 million viewers.

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alycakes3909d ago

This is good...I like this show but sometimes I wish they would change the night it's on. I can't get to everything or I forget to record it sometimes.

RememberThe3573906d ago

Hopefully this show stays fresh and doesn't lose it's character the way Eureka did.

alycakes3905d ago

Eureka did loose a little of it's spunk this last season. I barely watched it.