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The Top 13 Kills From the Friday the 13th Series!

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 32 years since a film by the name of Friday the 13th completely changed the face of horror and low budget slashers. Today is that special day, so in honor and celebration, we’re going to countdown the best kills from the entire Friday the 13th franchise!

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alycakes3445d ago

I never paid attention to Friday the 13th. My favorite was the Haloween movies and still is. I can watch them every year when they come on.

ReelBrad3444d ago

Both are great franchises! Halloween is my favorite horror flick overall, but FT13 offers such cheesy goodness. Thanks for checking it out!

SRC3444d ago

Love it, some of my favorite kills are on there.

ReelBrad3444d ago

Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for checking it out.

MinimeJer053444d ago

Great list Brad. Oddly enough it makes me want to re-visit Jason X.