Rob Liefeld May Or May Have Not Seen Eight Minutes Of An R-Rated X-Men Deadpool Movie

Bleeding Cool:
We’ve been looking at what Rob Liefeld and Scott Lobdell were saying at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con last weekend over on the left hand side of Bleeding Cool. But the bit about the Deadpool movie probably deserves to move over to the right hand site.

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alycakes3919d ago

This is a 50 minute video from the Arizona Comic-Con and doesn't all have to do with Deadpool but it is mentioned concerning the R Rated scene that the title talks about.

alycakes3916d ago

I really, really hope this project isn't dead. I would love to see Ryan Reynolds come back as Deadpool some day. I hated the way they ended it in the Wolverine movie with him but he was still alive at the end and I know they said that they were going to do a movie about him.

MinimeJer053916d ago

I'm not even familiar with the character, but an R rated Deadpool film sounds SWEET.

cloud4953916d ago

I would like a Origin story for Deadpool.

alycakes3915d ago

That's a great idea...maybe that's where they should go with that. I'll bet most people don't know much about Deadpool anyway.