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The Daily Rotation - Extremely Loud & Incredibily Close Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is the latest drama to use the tragic events of 9/11 as a back story. It doesn’t become another mushy movie sending audiences into instant tears, but it does have its fair share of warm moments. The problem with the film isn’t in the acting, story, camera work or anything like that, the problem lies in the central character; Oskar. He suffers from all sorts of insecurities and fear after the World Trade Center incident on September 11th, 2001 and while that is perfectly understandable, it’s also the thing pushing you away from the characters journey of accepting his father’s death and accepting his mother’s love. The character comes off as stubborn, rude and annoying to be around, causing you to lose his connection with anyone around him because of how he treats the people in his world."

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alycakes3908d ago

I know this is a tear jerker so I won't go see this one. I may see it some day on tv when it comes out but I avoid anything that will depress me. I try to keep a level of content thoughout my days as much as possible and seeing movies like this would bring me down for a whole week.