Crave Online Reviews The Divide

CO - If you’ve ever wanted to see the origin story of “Faceless Raider #152” from the Fallout video game series, have I got a movie for you: The Divide, a post-apocalyptic thriller from Xavier Gens, the director of Hitman. Ostensibly a claustrophobic low-budget genre movie, the film takes on a bigger context as the survivors of a nuclear holocaust turn on each other for food, sex, and superiority in the absence of traditional social dynamics, and turn into stock bad guys from the post-apocalyptic future of your choice. Or maybe it’s actually a smaller context. Analyzing the means by which normal people specifically turn into Lord Humongous is arguably a little less significant than watching a microcosm of mankind gradually devolve into an animalistic state, but at least it’s something we haven’t seen before, unless you count Bellflower. And no, I will never count Bellflower.

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