Attention Warner Bros: We’ve Found Your Wonder Woman and Her Name is Gina Carano

Collider says

There’s no need to keep searching for the right actress, Warner Bros.; Gina Carano is Wonder Woman. While you might think I’m joking around….I’m not. That’s because after watching director Steven Soderbergh’s awesome spy-action pic Haywire twice, I really believe Carano is who you’re looking for. After everyone gets the chance to see her kick ass next week (the pic opens January 20), I’m extremely confident that fandom will agree with me. Hire a new writer to craft a script with Carano in mind; they’ll be inspired. I think one of the reasons Wonder Woman hasn’t come together is you didn’t know who to cast. Thankfully, the search is over.

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Crazay3919d ago

I have been in love with Gina Carano ever since I saw her fight a brute of a woman and kick her ass. She looks like she just might have a big career in acting.

MinimeJer053918d ago

Agreed 100%. She has the looks and talent.

hazelamy3918d ago

she would make an awesome arse kicking amazonian warrior.