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Meet The First Female Expendable In The Expendables 2

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While the only female presence in The Expendables were damsel in distress, the sequel Expendables 2 will introduce a new female member to join the mercenary team. Chinese actress Yu Nan who appeared in The Wachowskis' Speed Racer and Wind Blast will play this role under the name Maggie. Not much else is known about her character as of yet but I'm speculating that she is just as capable as the guys on the battlegrounds, not just a helpless bystander.

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Crazay3909d ago

I suspect she's either Sly or Statham's love interest in this movie.

aDDicteD3909d ago

Statham would be my guess

alycakes3909d ago

Statham had a girlfriend in the first one so maybe not him unless she's not around anymore.

DarkBlood3909d ago

im going to go with Jet li as i believe statham already has somebody unless offsceen story says they broken up

id like to think jet li because of the character joke or being serious when he said "i need a more money for my family" lol

Crazay3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

I haven't Charisma Carpenter listed anywhere in the casting details. LOL tell me you don't think she;s Jet Li's girl because she's Asian.

DarkBlood3909d ago

not at all sir that would mean me assuming liu kang from mortal kombat love interest "kitana" would be asian as well

i just thought this character was left behind to take care of kids now they are older she can jion the expendable team or something happen to the jet li character or something thats all

reading what i said im not sure that makes any sense lol

aDDicteD3909d ago

hmm.. hope she's capable on delivering action scenes like the rest of the cast

Nykamari3908d ago

She's Chuck Norris' girlfriend, and he's going to kicka$$ for looking at her! Lol

Captain Qwark 93908d ago

sly still looks like a beast despite how old he is

MinimeJer053908d ago

This almost feels wrong. A WOMAN in EXPENDABLES!?!? I'm kidding, of course.