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Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom Trailer Released

“What kind of bird are you?” questions the young protagonist of Wes Anderson’s forthcoming Moonrise Kingdom at the beginning of the newly released trailer. Well, if the trailer is anything to go by, he would certainly be of the more romantic variety as he sets off with his girlfriend on some sort of adventure, prompting a search party to hunt for them. The film (surprise!) keeps Anderson’s distinctive arch style but this time applies it to the outlaw couple genre which was probably perfected in Terrence Malick’s debut feature Badlands. Scheduled for release in May (which points to a Cannes premiere), the film is indie auteur Anderson’s first live-action foray since 2006′s The Darjeeling Limited. More recently, he tried his hand at animation with the Oscar-nominated Fantastic Mr. Fox.

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alycakes3443d ago

This looks like something that would be fun to watch. Intersting and fun to watch....a little different than the usual.