Hi-Res Amazing Spider-Man Image Surfaces Sees A Suited Up And Unmasked Peter Parker

CBM says

After the lo-res version taken via cell phone found its way online earlier courtesy of nailbiter11, we now have an actual screengrab from the iPad edition of Entertainment Weekly which you can check out here.

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Crazay3444d ago

Ol Petey looks like he's been getting his ass kicked something fierce.

hazelamy3442d ago

funny, the ad over the picture, for the movie Swinging. ^_^

anyway, can't wait for Spider-man

Deadpool6163442d ago

Remember movie, we want Spidey Banter and lots of it.

Lord_Sloth3441d ago

Anybody else wonder how it's not public knowledge who Spiderman is if he shucks his mask all the time in these films?

KatyPerryBJs3441d ago

I wish I lived in an alternate universe where they were making Spider Man 4 except for The Amazing Spider Man :/

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