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Why 'The Dark Knight Rises' Tickets Started Selling Early

Some quick thinking by AMC theater managers got Warner Bros. thinking about selling tickets to the Batman pic well before the July 20 theatrical release.

The Dark Knight Rises won't be released until July, but the Christopher Nolan Batman film already has sold out some midnight screenings, thanks to some fast thinking by enterprising theater owners.

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alycakes3104d ago

I guess it worked because they seem to be sold out where they decided to do this. They just didn't do it everywhere only in certain cities. They should have allowed all major cities that had IMAX theaters to do the same.

MinimeJer053103d ago

Smart decision, but too bad it was just AMC theaters.

alycakes3103d ago

Yes...and now they're all sold out. I still like to wait at least a few days to go see something this popular because it's so crowded at first. Unless it's a school day and I can get into the first showing...I don't go until it's been out a week or so.

aDDicteD3103d ago

well it is one of the most anticipated movies this year, it is being talked ,,criticized and a lot is expecting so much on this one,, selling tickets early is just what it needs to because of it's huge audiences and fan base that is anticipating this one

alycakes3102d ago

That is so true. I know that if they had sold them here..I would have tried to get a couple of tickets myself.

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