'Dark Knight Rises': 5 New Pics + Article Scans

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martynmj3920d ago

The more I see of it, The more I love Bane's mask in this film!

Crazay3920d ago

I think the mask looks pretty cool. I thought they'd have gotten a bigger guy to play the role but I'll reserve all judgement until I see the movie. I'm sure Tom Hardy did a fine job.

martynmj3920d ago

I was half expecting some sort of camera trickery to make him appear bigger than he is but Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor, If you've seen Bronson (British film from a few years back) then i'm sure you'd agree with me that he can pull of menacing very well

6 Months to go!!

Captain Qwark 93919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

i agree, the mask def grew on me as did his whole look.


i thought that way at first too but truth be told, they had a bigger guy play him last time and it was an abomination lol. plus i dont know too many actors that are "big" that can actually act and we need somebody who can own the screen and carry the movie like ledger. luckily for us, tom hardy is one of the best actors out there right now imo. Also if you have seen warrior ( this is just a damn good movie too ) or bronson ( a bit weird but he can be brutal ), go do so. few people are as fierce as hardy when the role demands it, i think he is going to kill this role.

Crazay3920d ago

Can't say that I've seen very much of him at all. Never saw Bronson nor did I ever hear about it. I saw him in Inception but am not sure I liked it that much so I may have been tuning things out.

aDDicteD3919d ago

well that mask looks good on tom hardy ,, he is fit to be bane

aDDicteD3919d ago

i just had this entertainment magazine's issue ^_^

IWentBrokeForGaming3918d ago

I first seen Tom Hardy in ROCKNROLLA (one of my all time fav. films) and then seen him in INCEPTION...

He's a great actor in my opinion, but as Bane? hopefully I'll be as surprised with him as I was Ledger!

aDDicteD3918d ago

yes i same opinion here,, i think he'll do well on bane, and by far he's the only candidate for that role

Crazay3918d ago

I honestly wasn;t surprised that Ledger did as well as he did. I thought he was a great decision for the role. WHat I was shocked about with his casting was just how fucking crazy and creepy he made that role. Turning in an iconic performance is not what I expected.