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Looks Like Stallone Won't Go Into The Tomb Alone... Arnold is Back

AICN says

Hey folks, Harry here... Ya know, ain't it always the way... just 2 days ago I could have chatted with THE MAN himself about this - but as I was driving home with Yoko, my phone rang and a familiar voice let me in on a secret that - well... it's the sort of thing that AB KING will lose his fool mind over.

We've all heard that Sylvester Stallone is going to be starring in THE TOMB - a film that is currently directorless. You see, at one point, Antoine Fuqua was set to direct THE TOMB with Bruce Willis to play the lead character of Ray Breslin. THEN... Bruce pulled his chute and exited THE TOMB, only to have the rumor circle stating that Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to play Ray Breslin... instead he chose to star in LAST STAND.

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