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'Hunger Games' Update: New Photo Reveals Training Uniforms; Casting Call Issued For Reshoot

Mercury News:
Fans get their first peek inside the training center of "The Hunger Games" thanks to a Lionsgate photo first shown on Yahoo Movies UK and Entertainment Weekly.

The still shot from the movie shows Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta sporting black District 12 uniforms trimmed in gray and red.

If all gym clothes looked this good, maybe kids would be more willing to dress out for P.E. We're especially loving Peeta's black boots.

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alycakes3911d ago

I haven't heard anything about them starting the Catching Fire movie yet so they must be doing some reshoots. I'm sure they aren't ready for anything else yet.

aDDicteD3909d ago

so the reshoots are only for their extras,, that gym clothes looks nice i like the color

alycakes3909d ago

Yeah...I think the whole movie is going to be very colorful if they go by the book on some of the scenes in the districts.