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Jon Landau Says Avatar 2 Is Four Years Away

Bleeding Cool says

This morning, Hannah attended a preview screening of several scenes from the new, 3D version of Titanic and afterwards, got to exchange words with producer Jon Landau.

I hope she’s going to be able to remember enough of what was said to bring you a full piece later – dictaphones and other recording devices were curiously banned – but she’s just filled me in on one particular avenue of conversation.

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Crazay3448d ago

This pains me. I really liked Avatar and was really hoping we'd get to see it sooner than later. Cameron must not be in any rush to get it done for some reason. You'd think they'd want to get moving on it quickly before the technology starts to show its age.

Crazyglues3448d ago

wow really shocked by this, this movie is going to be huge... but wow 4 years out, was not expecting that one..

I guess he could be waiting for some new tech, like maybe 3D without the glasses

KingPin3447d ago

"You'd think they'd want to get moving on it quickly before the technology starts to show its age."

do you even know who James Cameron is?
he does not sit on old tech. for him, that would be going backwards.

in 4 years time, there will be something bigger and better for him to explore and experiment with.

look at the terminator (1984) and the sequel terminator 2: judgment day (1991). thats 7 years difference and he used new technologies.

you talking like in 4 years time his going to make avatar 2 with the same tech as the original avatar.

Play2Win3447d ago

Sadly I did not really like part one. Technically amazing but just not my type of movie.

Captain Qwark 93447d ago

agreed, special effects top notch, rest of the movie? terrible imo. recycled story, mediocre acting, some parts that were just beyond lame ( the dancing/waving scene ) and other parts that made no sense ( animals coming to the defense after half the planet was destroyed??? wtf why woldnt they help from the start?? )

it could be 100 years away for all i care

alycakes3448d ago

That does seem like a really long time. By then you've already forgotten the first one and have to see it all over again. The people are older and the ones that survived...are the same actors returning? That's a lot to expect with 4 years away.

Crazay3448d ago

The same actors are expected to return and Sam Worthington was supposed to go and meet with James Cameron this Thursday to discuss the project.

aDDicteD3448d ago

NOOOOOO!, thats a lot of wait,, i thought it'll take 2-2 and a half but 4 years...many would totally forget the story of part 1

Crazay3448d ago

I was of the opinion that 2-2.5yrs would be the timeline we'd all be looking at too. The technology is there now so it's not like he's got to develop the tech for the sequels like he did for the original.

The_Nameless_One3447d ago

hey dude. I wish I could forget the crappy story. 300 million dollars and they couldn't hire decent writers?! Ohh right, Cameron wrote it. I wonder if he got paid double for it.

Besides I'm sure before the second movie comes out they'll reissue the BD/DVD with some "exclusive" needless crap in it, and a full theater rerun to remind us that the only good thing in this movie is the CG.

edwest3448d ago

The funny thing is that they said it was four years away, two years ago.

cloud4953448d ago

After another two years they will say its still four years away lol.

aDDicteD3447d ago

i'm sure that wont happen

The_Nameless_One3447d ago

I remember what happened the last time they waited that long to make a sequel to a movie that made tons of money with state of the art, at that specific time, special effects. I am of course talking about The Matrix.

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