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The Top 5 Jason Statham Movies

James Francis from TheMovies gives us his thoughts on Hollywood strongman Jason Statham

"You don’t have to like Jason Statham, but give the man his dues: diver (made the U.K. National team), model (for FCUK, even before his film career), martial artist (he does all his own fighting scenes), former black market salesman (as a kid he peddled fake jewels and perfume), car nut (he does most of his own car stunts) and childhood friend of Vinnie Jones (‘nuff said)."

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alycakes3441d ago

I liked all the Transporter movies and Killer Elite and War and even the other one with Jet Li, The One, and The Mechanic was awesome. The first Crank was good but the second one was not.

I am a big fan of his and I always look forward to his movies but I'll admit when one isn't very good.

aDDicteD3441d ago

i already watched the transporter and crank and it was good,, haven't watched war yet,,

alycakes3440d ago

You need to see it. It was one of the better has a twist at the end that you don't even expect througout the whole movie.

aDDicteD3440d ago

does it have a sequel as well just like his other movies?

alycakes3440d ago

No but I sure wish it did. His work with Jet Li is really good in this movie.