Alien Influence Visible In Prometheus Monster Mask Design

Cinemart says

On Saturday night whilst watching Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive (which is awesome by the way) I received a phone call from a highly trustworthy person who’d been having beers with a guy who worked in the art department on Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS and the chap had something to show him. That something was a couple of photographs of the early work on a prosthetic mask design for “the alien” in the forthcoming science fiction film.

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cloud4953910d ago

Hmm, I'm pretty sure this is some kind of alien prequel.

Crazay3910d ago

All signs point to this being an Alien prequel. Just look at the trailer. Same title font, same title intro, same art direction.... This is the Alien prequel we've all been waiting for.

aDDicteD3908d ago

yes it is pretty much the awaited prequel for alien

alycakes3909d ago

I think so too. When I saw the promotional area for this movie back at comic-con when they first started to promote it....I thought they were rebooting Alien until I saw the name then I was a little confused until we stood around for a while and watched what they were doing. It was still kind of cool.

aDDicteD3908d ago

nice,, hope to see the finished design on that