Exclusive: 'Immortals' Blu-Ray Announcement

Crave Online:
We have an exclusive first look at the cover art and special features for the Blu-Ray release of Immortals, out March 6th!

We;'re calling it. We had some disagreement, but we officially declare that Immortals was a gorgeous, unusually intelligent ultra-violent popcorn flick that entertained the hell out of us. It's certainly the kind of film that your HDTV was made for, and now you'll get to go slackjawed over Tarsem Singh's latest opus with Immortals, starring Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke, on Blu-Ray Triple Play, 3-D Blu-Ray Combo Pack and DVD. We've got the exclusive announcement from Warner Bros. about the special features on the set, along with your first look at the cover art!

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alycakes3922d ago

I never got a chance to see this at the theater so I don't know what I missed. If anyone has an opinion on this movie let me know. This picture is awesome though.

DarkBlood3921d ago

i had no idea this was made from the producers of 300 no wonder i was sort of seeing similiaritys

cant wait to pick up the 3D combo pack as soon as it comes out, awsome movie

alycakes3920d ago

I guess I might buy it...I know the cast was great and I do like movie like 300 as long as they are written and directed well.