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Long Distance Box Office: American Reunion

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It's been a little while since we've done one of these--and we do hope to bring "The Career Analyst" back one of these days, too--but we're back with another look at a movie not opening for a couple months, this one being Universal Studios' attempt to resurrect one of their popular comedy franchises with American Reunion. It's opening on April 6, Easter weekend when many people will be off from school and work either on Good Friday or Monday or both, and they hope that opening before what's going to be a busy summer will help them bring in some profits during the normally slower spring month.

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alycakes3441d ago

I think the audience will show for this movie. I wasn't that big a fan but I know that everyone seemed to like it and I'm sure the ones that did will want to know what they do with the characters these years later and where they have them now and how they're doing now that they're older.