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Re5ident Evil: Retribution Synopsis Revealed

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Sony's Screen Gems has added a "5" to the title Re5ident Evil: Retribution and released the official synopsis for the film, written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson:

The wildly successful film franchise adaptation that has grossed nearly $700 million worldwide to the popular video game series, "Resident Evil," returns in its highly anticipated fifth installment, "Re5ident Evil: Retribution" in state-of-the art 3D.

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alycakes3442d ago

My husband doesn't like the Resident Evil movies so my neighbor and I go see them each time they come out. He takes off work and we go to the matinee. It's so funny because he comes over to ask if I want to go with and my husband says...'you know I'm not going to see that junk' so I say 'you bet I'm going'....It's really funny...I wish people could see it.

Crazay3442d ago

I can;'t believe that your husband lets you go out on dates with the neighbor =P

alycakes3442d ago

It's not a date...we've been neighbors forever and friends. He goes with us on matinees all the time when we go to see the superhero movies and my husband takes off for those...that's so funny.

Kurylo3d3441d ago

i kinda think by definition thats a date. :P

aDDicteD3442d ago

had to agree on you're husband there ^_^ and as well as this movie being funny ^_^

aDDicteD3442d ago

im a videogame fan of the resident evil franchise and it pains me to see this movie still being made, it's not faithful to the story, the part 1 is the only part that was ok,

Crazay3442d ago

I'm perfectly fine with it taking a departure from the games story. I mean, it could be taking place linear to events in the games but I don't much like the last 2 games anyway. They got too far away from the Zombies/Outbreak.

aDDicteD3442d ago

yup same here i wished 4 and 5 was still zombies but game play and story evolved,

Crazay3442d ago

I felt the gameplay regressed and got worse and the story just became stupid.

cloud4953442d ago

Hope they don't go overboard with the story.

MinimeJer053442d ago

Another Resident Evil film? I really liked the first one, but noticed the quality only gets lower and lower as they go. The last one LOOKED cool, but felt like a Matrix ripoff with constant slow-mo.

Kurylo3d3441d ago

constant is not an exaggeration.. it felt like most of the movie was moving in slow motion. They had slow motion scenes when there was no reason for things to be in slow motion... i mean i was waiting for someone to tie their shoelaces in slowmotion. It wouldnt have suprized me at that point.

pomoluese3442d ago

Well I'm glad to see they're continuing with where they left off in the last movie~

(fyi ~ = sarcasm)

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