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New Man of Steel Set Pics Featuring Kevin Costner As Jonathan Kent

CBM says

Zack Snyder and co resumed filming earlier today in North Vancouver, and we have a few snaps of a scene involving Pa Kent and the family farm.

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Crazay3911d ago

I noticed that in one of the pics here, the business is named Sullivans. I wonder if that was an intentional look back at Chloe Sullivan from Smallville or just an odd coincidence.

cloud4953911d ago

probably an Easter egg.

Lord_Sloth3911d ago

Chloe was even adopted into the main Superman Comics so it is most likely a nod to Chloe Sullivan.

Crazay3910d ago

Really? I never knew that. Sweet.

DarkBlood3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

even those highschool jackets of smallville are exactly like the smallville ones lol :P

hazelamy3910d ago

costner in a jacket and a hat, how exciting. O_O

seriously though, i can't wait to see the movie, i have to though. :(