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Is Kanye West Actually Involved With The Jetsons Movie?

Vulture says

During Wednesday night's epic three-hour Twitter rant, Kanye West told the world, “I was just discussing becoming the creative director for the Jetson movie,” a claim we just had to investigate. So here are the facts: Kanye West is not now and is not ever going to be “the creative director” of The Jetsons movie, because, for starters, “There is no such thing on a movie,” explains The Jetsons producer Denise DiNovi, “There’s an art director and a production designer.” And for another, there is no The Jetsons movie — at least, not yet. But Yeezy did have a conversation with the producers this week about working on the film, in some capacity, when it does come together.

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Crazay3826d ago

Oh Kanye - Will you ever learn to keep your mouth shut? I personally don't have any issue with him being involved in this project but I suspect he probably will get the "Thanks but No thanks" greeting.

alycakes3825d ago

He doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut but I wish he did....don't like him at all.

Nes_Daze3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

I find it funny how most people ate up what he did at the VMAs. he does talk a lot, but he gets a lot of flak for the Taylor swift incident. Does anybody else find it strange that the VMAs ALWAYS have something big happen in their show? Every damn year it's something. Did anybody else notice Beyonce's horrible "Oh no" acting face? Anybody? Of course not, because the highlight is Kanye. -_- Honestly, Kanye could possibly make a great soundtrack for the jetsons movie. However, I just think working on one song or two would be enough.

iceman29293821d ago

kanye? wouldnt lupe be more fitting ? ( re: lasers)

3820d ago