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Lindsay Lohan In Talks To Play Elizabeth Taylor In Lifetime Movie

After emulating Marilyn Monroe in a series of photo shoots, most recently for Playboy, Lindsay Lohan may be taking on another screen legend, Elizabeth Taylor. I have learned that the 25-year-old actress is in talks for the female lead in Lifetime’s original movie Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story, chronicling the enduring love of movie icons Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, whose fiery romance was the most notorious, publicized and celebrated love affair of its day. The film, produced by Larry Thompson (Amish Grace), was originally announced as part as Lifetime’s 2011-12 development slate.

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alycakes3912d ago

If she just wouldn't continue to ruining her life she might get her acting skills back but for now I can't say that I would see anything that she was in. It would have to show me that it was a class act in the story, the director, the cast that surrounds her and her acting before I would pay money to see her.

CPO3912d ago

Yeah, if she keeps going down the road she is on then no studio will want her even to play HERSELF in a bio!

alycakes3912d ago

I know...and it's sad that people like her mother and father both just keep enabling her instead of helping her.

Crazyglues3911d ago

Yeah Lindsay is looking so bad these days that the fact that they would put her in the movie means the movie is trash, because if it was a well done project, why in the world would you attach Lohan to it.

If I'm working on a Blockbuster like IronMan 3 I'm not going to put Lindsay Lohan in it, unless I want it to bomb, the minute you attach Lindsay Lohan to your project you are clearly saying it's not a serious movie..

It's more like your making a straight to DVD flim..

movieshateyoutoo3912d ago

This looks like a train wreck waiting to happen... lets slow down and watch.