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Best Comedy Movie of 2011 [MediaStinger]

MediaStinger: "Arguably a year of the comedy, 2011 was often crowded with something funny for all ages, especially adults. Resulting in one of our more extensive lists of honorable mentions, the oversaturation of the laughter market held some of the biggest surprises of the year."

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alycakes3408d ago

I would think there are a lot of different opinions here. Some would say it's the Hangover movie and I would think that some think that the Harold and Kumar movie was funnier. Some women might think that Bridemaids was funnier....I can't even imagine which one since I only saw one of those mentioned and it was very funny and that was Horrible Bosses. To say that it was the funniest would be wrong because I know it couldn't was good but not that good.

Christopher3408d ago

I enjoyed Horrible Bosses. It didn't go over the line like I thought Hangover and similar movies did. But, my favorite would have to go with The Muppets. I am an extremely biased party on this, though.

cloud4953408d ago

Hangover 2 was good and funny but it was basically the first one rehashed

aDDicteD3408d ago

hangover 2 was really as funny as the first one

alycakes3406d ago

Last night at the People's Choice Awards they chose Bridesmaids for the funniest movie.