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When Film Critics Strike writes: "It's great fun being a critic. Getting paid to enjoy something that people would usually pay to enjoy. I absolutely love it! However, I've noticed that a lot of reviews, especially film reviews, are kind of nasty, personal, and rather insulting. Are critics being controversial just to entertain themselves?"

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alycakes3911d ago

I guess it's a good job to have and it must be nice but I for one have never taken them serious. I don't like to read or listen to film critics. I see a trailer or preview at the theater and I decide then and there where I want to see that movie or not. The promotional material on any movie or tv show is very important as far as I'm concerned.

I've been wrong a couple of times and have been disappointed when I did see the movie I thought was going to be good. I then I knew that it wasn't one to add to my collection so all was good.