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'Journey 2' Director Brad Peyton Sells Pitch for Sci-Fi Action Film 'Invasion'

The Collider:
The trailer for the Journey to the Center of the Earth sequel, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, makes the movie look cringe-worthy, but director Brad Peyton has already lined up another movie. Variety reports that Peyton has sold his sci-fi action pitch Invasion to Reel FX. J. Daniel Shaffer will write the script, which centers on “a group of unarmed and unprepared students from Philadelphia that find out they’ll have to become soldiers to survive an attack from a supernatural force.” So Red Dawn with aliens or ghosts or some such. Got it. It’s also being described as “Cloverfield-esque” and I hope that doesn’t mean “found-footage”.

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alycakes3913d ago

Another alien invasion with young people involved. I hope the plot is at least different or better than the last one, Darkest Hour, because there's just been too many invasion movies lately and we need something new and fresh.