Tom Hardy To Star As Al Capone In Cicero, Possibly The First Of A Trilogy

Daily Mail - Tom Hardy has been down in the vaults at Warner Bros, watching the studio’s classic gangster movies to get some Al Capone ‘into the bloodstream’.

Hardy told me he will play the Depression-era Chicago crime tsar sometime next year and well into 2014, once he has completed work on a series of movies including the lead role in the new Mad Max, which begins shooting in Namibia this April with Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult.

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alycakes2471d ago

I really like this guy...his acting and he is really picking some good parts that are showing his range of what he can do. Capone is going to be a stretch for him because of that accent of his but I know he'll pull it off.

Drakesfortune2466d ago

This is brilliant news. i love this guy and he is one of this generations best actor by far. the range of characters he can play is phenomenal...

bronson, inception, rock n roller, the take, tinker tailor soilder spy, warrior and many tv programs he has made...he is brilliant in every single film, he actual cares about what he is doing. and is now reaping the rewards as hollywood is taking notice of him.

my favourite actor by far..

cnt wait fro dark night and this means war