Allen Gregory Cancelled

IGN says

This morning at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, FOX president Kevin Reilly dodged a bunch of questions about the fates and futures of shows such as House, Terra Nova and Fringe, but was fairly resolute when it came to the Jonah Hill animated series, Allen Gregory.

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movieshateyoutoo3921d ago

Shocking, downright shocking. When will they announce the cancellation of Napoleon Dynamite?

alycakes3921d ago

Totally agree with you on that one.

Crazay3921d ago

I haven;t even seen it. Is it a trainwreck?

16BitMonster3921d ago

...and I honestly had high hopes for Allen Gregory. It was down right funny. Too bad not enough people and espicially "critics" gave this show a fair chance. I like Napoleon Dynamite back when the movie was released but I can't see the same humor the movie had transferring over to the TV show. Napoleon Dynamite is a love it or hate it franchise. There's really no in between with it.

maniacmayhem3921d ago

Fox needs to really stop trying these new cartoons for animation domination. So far Bob's Burgers and Allen Gregory have met the ax and I have no doubt in my mind Napoleon Dynamite will too.

Just stick with the non-funny Simpsons, mildly amusing Cleveland Show, the sometimes funny but not always Family Guy and the surprisingly funny American Dad.