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First Official Image of Nicholas Hoult as a Zombie in Jonathan Levine‘s 'Warm Bodies'

The Collider:
While Hollywood’s zombie obsession has tapered off a bit, it’s far from dead. Though some of the recent zombie output suggests profit rather than creative fascination is the motivating factor, director Jonathan Levine’s (50/50) adaptation of Isaac Marion‘s novel Warm Bodies sounds like a wholly intriguing and incredibly fun zombie pic. The “zombie love story” stars Nicholas Hoult as “R”, a zombie who falls in love with Julie (Teresa Palmer) after he eats her boyfriend’s brains and absorbs his memories. It’s a really cool premise anchored by a stellar supporting cast (Rob Corddry, John Malkovich) and an exciting young filmmaker.

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alycakes3443d ago

I was wondering when this movie would start showing up again. There for a while there was a lot about it and then nothing.

JL3443d ago

I'm sorry, but that premise, the picture and the poster all scream TWILIGHT to me. That does not bode well with me.

MinimeJer053441d ago

Agreed, but I have faith in Levine!

martynmj3440d ago

I agree completely, That is not a great looking zombie, for one where is the revolting flesh wound!?

alycakes3441d ago

Yes...and with Zombies...gross!

Big_Dom3441d ago

First picture of a zombie? Where? Where is the zombie in that picture? All I say is some gay-looking emo fuck that looks a bit under the weather (no pun intended) KNB must be shitting themselves with envy looking at those special effects there. Pathetic.

KillerPwned3441d ago

What the fuck is this....Zombies do not have feelings -.-

dboyman3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I Agree! This must be the "Twilight" of the zombie genre! Not only will they have feelings, and romance but next thing you know they will sparkle too! X( UUGGHH!

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