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Tom Hiddleston Reveals That Thor 2 Will Start Shooting This Summer In London

CBM says

Taking part in Empire's web chat, Tom Hiddleston has revealed that he knows pretty much nothing about the planned sequel, only when and where it will be filmed.

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DarkBlood3442d ago

looking forward to the sequal

Crazay3442d ago

Me too. I really liked Thor. In fact I've been impressed with all the Marvel movies with characters I never cared about. Captain America, Thor and Iron Man were all comics I avoided despite actually having many of the old ones from the 60s and 70s which I got from my uncles who were hard core comic fans as kids.

If Only my Fantastic Four Issue 1 and the first issue with the Skrulls weren't thrown out by my Grandfathers girlfriend...


DarkBlood3442d ago

yeah it kind of sucks when other people have no problem throwing something out that may be of value or sentimental value to someone else

i didnt really like some of the marvel characters that much untill the movies came so now thor, captain america are cool to me

before it used to be just x-men characters and spiderman etc

alycakes3441d ago

I wish I had all my brother's comics that I used to read with them when we were little. I can't believe that we had so many and they would go out and buy them as they came out and we would trade with the kids on the block and read theirs. I remember we had a least 2 big boxes of comics and only my two older brothers and I used to read them.

gaden_malak3441d ago

My Dad has tonnes of comics but they got water damaged when he stored them in the shed.

cloud4953441d ago

I wonder how it will continue after Avengers.

aDDicteD3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

hope this one will be as good or better than the first