Charlie Sheen Hopes For Better Ending With New Series 'Anger Management'

Cable network FX stole the spotlight at broadcast sibling Fox’s TCA bash last night by providing the main attraction — Charlie Sheen. The former Two And A Half Men star was besieged by reporters during his first public appearance promoting his new sitcom, FX’s Anger Management. He talked about the new series as well as his old one, from which he was fired in February after a very public meltdown. Sheen gave his replacement Ashton Kutcher props for “doing a great job” but said he didn’t want Men to be his legacy. “I wanted to do something that ended better … will end better,” Sheen said as quoted by USA Today. “I just wanted to do a show and play a character that dealt with more mature themes, that dealt with stuff that actually exists in the real world. A lot of times on the other show I felt like we were servicing the comedy and not allowing it to come out of character.”

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alycakes3923d ago

I'm hopeful that he's going to do a lot better and not screw this up like last time. I'm thinking he learned his lesson but we still have to wait and see.

alycakes3921d ago

Glad it's showing on FX so I can at least give him another chance. I hope I like the show. I've always tried to be supportive of Charlie but last year he just went too lets see if he has really straightened up his act.

cloud4953920d ago

Hope he doesn't screw up.

alycakes3920d ago

Me too but I'm at least going to give him a chance first.