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'The Devil Inside' Helmer William Brent Bell Takes To 'The Vatican' At Warner Bros.

Warner Bros has acquired The Vatican, a pitch for a conspiracy driven thriller to be scripted by David Cohen. William Brent Bell, who directed and co-wrote the weekend’s surprise hit The Devil Inside for Paramount’s Insurge release label, has made a deal to direct the film. The Vatican will be produced by Roy Lee, Lawrence Grey and John Middleton, and Bell’s producing partner Matt Peterman. Peterman wrote The Devil Inside with Bell, and produced that horror hit with Morris Paulson. Despite receiving an F from CinemaScore, the low budget The Devil Inside grossed $34.5 million on an opening weekend that is usually dominated by holiday holdovers.

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alycakes3449d ago

Now this sounds interesting to me. The Devil Inside did make a killing at the box office and is still continuing to do so. I wonder if this one will be just as controversial.

alycakes3447d ago

I hope it's more of a real story with a real plot to it instead of a paranormal activity type movie.