FOX to Develop New Late-Night Block of Animated Programming

The Collider:
Move over, Adult Swim; there’s a new player in the pool. For more than ten years now, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block has been the place to find some of the most progressive, insane and “mature” animated programming on TV (stateside, at least). Due to its role in reviving such series as Family Guy and Futurama, FOX has paid attention to Adult Swim’s success over the years and saw that there was money to be made. Already promoting their “animation domination” with regular series Family Guy, The Simpsons and more, FOX has now developed a new unit of animation to focus on a late-night block of animated programming.

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alycakes3922d ago

I didn't realize that Adult Swim did that well in the ratings. I haven't watched any of the shows myself but I will check the schedule to see what they have on there.

movieshateyoutoo3921d ago

I don't think Fox will be able to get away with the same level of raunchy humor that Adult Swim enjoys on cable. Not to mention Adult Swim original programming is made extremely cheaply and has a loyal fan base while Fox is going to struggle turning a profit or cutting into Adult Swim's fan base.

alycakes3921d ago

That's what I thought...they do have an adult theme...don't they? It's usually on late night anyway. The shows that FOX does are on prime time.