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Will Inception 2 Be Christopher Nolan's Next Movie?

CBM says

Earlier today I received an email from a supposed, 'WB insider' who says that he has information on what Christopher Nolan's next movie project (or should I say projects) will be after The Dark Knight Rises.

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alycakes3912d ago

If they can make it as good as the first one...they should make another one. I'm not sure they could top it though. I just can't explain the dream sequence of how it so made sense to me.

-Superman-3912d ago

I dont want Inception 2
Inception had perfect ending, why ruin it?

Crazyglues3912d ago

oh hell yeah, I want part 2, that would be awesome...

And if anyone can make an awesome part 2 it's Christopher Nolan

Inception was amazing, it would have to be like Matrix Reloaded, they would have to go all out, would love to see the actors come back for the second one..

MinimeJer053912d ago

I hope Nolan sticks to his guns and doesn't direct another Inception.

JL3912d ago

The only thing I fear is that WB owns the rights to Inception. Thus, as this article states, they'll make the sequel whether Nolan is on board or not. Now, Inception is an original idea from Nolan (unlike Batman), thus he might not want them bastardizing his work (whereas Batman isn't HIS legacy so he doesn't care if they continue without him) and that might persuade him to do it.

Though, he has been pretty good about sticking to his guns in the past (for the most part). Of course he didn't originally want to come back for a third Batman movie either, but finally said that if he could come up with something to top TDK then he would. Now in his mind he thinks TDKR will top TDK.

So, ultimately I think he'll do what he wants and not be forced into doing movies he doesn't want to. But we'll have to see how well he handles the though of someone taking over a franchise that actually is his. I have faith that if he did return to Inception, he'd only do it if he could make a sequel just as good or better.

MinimeJer053912d ago

I'm fine with WB doing a sequel without Nolan. It would only back Nolan up as a filmmaker once the sequel fails to compare to the original.

Crazay3912d ago

When a company backs a dump truck of cash to your front door, I can't imagine anyone who would say no.

Well said though JL...I'd give you bubs up, but you have enough. ;)

Leio3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

The last thing WB want now is pissing up Nolan hes their goldmine right now. I dont see Nolan doing it but perhaps money changes his mind ?

Crazay3912d ago

Visually I found Inception to be very good but aside from that I can't remember much else. I want to get back to watching it again but just haven't been motivated enough.

alycakes3912d ago

I think I watched it 3 or 4 times and I could watch it again. I was really drawn to this movie. I liked every bit of it and the first time I had to really pay attention and even then I felt like I missed something so I went to see it again.

If Nolan decides to make the next one I'm sure it would be better not 'just as good' as the last. I don't think he would be satisfied with that.

Nes_Daze3912d ago

If he makes a sequel the same people who wrote it off immediately just to trash Nolan will have the opportunity to do so again only this time they'll be justified because it's a sequel. Inception was a great movie, I found it funny when movie critics gave it low scores just to trash the developer or go against the wave. It pains them that they can't bring Nolan down.

Crazay3912d ago

I didn't hate Inception myself, I'm just not sure that I can say it was his finest body of work. Stylistically it was unmatched, but all in all I think I found it to be boring which is why I never went back and can't remember many details of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.