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25 Movies To Watch In 2012 – January To June

Noelle Adam's put together a list of must see movies for the first 6 months of 2012 and admits that a number of 2012 biggies didn’t make her list for various reasons. Look out for kinda pointless sequels Underworld 4, Ghost Rider 2, Wrath of the Titans, Madagascar 3 and Ice Age 4, as well as the 21 Jump Street remake, curious mash-up Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, long delayed Joss Whedon horror comedy The Cabin in the Woods and star-saturated skit comedy Movie 43. So what did make the list?

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alycakes3912d ago

I'll go see about half of those mentioned and some I don't really care to see. Then there are a couple that I'll just wait until they come out on dvd. I think most know which ones are the ones that most of us will go see at the theater for sure.

gaden_malak3912d ago

Esh there are a lot of movies that look decent. The spy one with the MMA chick is going to flop.

aDDicteD3912d ago

so many,, surely i'll watch the avengers, john carter, hungergames and prometheus

alycakes3911d ago

Haywire won't be a huge hit but it will do alright. It's got other top stars in it and the trailers have been really good so I think it will do okay.