Fox on 'Fringe' Renewal: 'We're Not in the Business of Losing Money'

Ew says

Fox’s entertainment president Kevin Reilly candidly addressed the topic of whether Fringe will get a fifth season. Asked by critics at the network’s press tour event in Pasadena, if the Friday night show is coming back, he said: “Fringe has been a point of pride. I share the passion for the show the fans have. I love that Fox, after letting down genre fans over the years [came through with Fringe]. I love that fans stuck with it after it moved to Friday. It has vastly improved our Friday night.”

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Crazay3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

Well doesn't this information suck the big fat one? I'm not up to date on Fringe, work and my kid have seen to that but we do have season 3 on Bluray from Christmas and are poised to get started on it right after Spartacus but I know I love this show and will be seriously bummed when this gets cancelled.

Fox has noone to blame but themselves for this shit. They better at least give fans a proper ending.

iceman29293922d ago

damn. I love this show... if it gets a bad ending i will be so upset.

alycakes3922d ago

I am the same way....the reason they started getting lower ratings was because of what they did with Peter. That was the dumbest thing. You just can't go from having him in there for 2 years to him not ever even being born and no one knowing who he is...

I was so disappointed in this last season when it started and I do love the show but I still just couldn't get over that part of it.

sjaakiejj3921d ago

Ratings were dropping long before that happened. I'd love the show to continue, but if it can't, at least give us a proper ending to the show.

movieshateyoutoo3922d ago

I'm sure they'll end the show with same class and respect as they showed Millennium.