'Labyrinth' Graphic Novel Prequel to Answer, 'Who Was The Goblin King?'

EW says

Some 25 years ago, David Bowie famously turned to a group of goblins and quizzically stated, “You remind me of the babe … The babe with the power!” If comic publisher Archaia has anything to say about it, we may finally learn what on earth he was talking about.

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Crazay3922d ago

Labrynth is one of the very few musicals I like. Personally I'd love to see more. Bowie MUST be part of a sequel/prequel movie.

DarkBlood3922d ago

think i seen this in school a long long time ago probably didnt hold my interest cause of me being hard of hearing but i will say its a classic just by looking at it

Crazay3921d ago

maybe time to check it out again buddy. You might like it.

Lord_Sloth3922d ago

I intoduced my cousin to the Wild Gang the other day. He's never seen this movie and I'm intending to remedy that but talking him into it's becoming a chore.

This is 1 of my favorites and always has been, every since I was a child.