24 Movie Update: How Much Time Will Have Passed? Who's In It?

TVline says

Kiefer Sutherland, during and after the Television Critics Association winter tour presentation of his new Fox series, Touch, updated reporters on 24‘s long-rumored trip to the big screen.

For one, Sutherland said that the hope is for the 24 movie to start filming “at the end of April, beginning of May.”

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Crazay3923d ago

I have EVERY season on DVD waiting in the wing to be watched. Can't wait to see them but I won't be watching or paying any attention to any news of this movie until I'm caught up.

alycakes3923d ago

I have all except the last one season 8. I need to watch for the sales and get that last one. I saw it anyway but I think it was the best of all and now I'm just really glad they're finally getting to the movie.

My son is not a tv watcher...never has been but he would stop and watch 24...which used to shock me.

JL3923d ago

I never got into the show, so I don't have much stake in this. However, the one thing I always found about the show was that it was in real time.

This defeats that whole purpose and sounds like a stupid way to go about it. If it were me, there's only two options:
1) Make a 24hr long movie (no that's not really an option).
2) Make a 2hr long movie that follows 2 hours of his life that drops you right into the thick of things in some type of race-against-the-clock thriller that keeps the tension taut from beginning to end.

Crazay3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

I dunno man, they can stretch the time out across a 2-2.5hr long movie. Regardless it will makes loads of $$$.

JL3923d ago

I know they can. Countless action movies have done that. I'm just saying, it kinda defeats the purpose. The whole gimmick of 24 was that it was real-time. If you put a whole day's worth of events into a 2-2.5 hour long movie, obviously it's not real-time anymore.

Making it real-time while still being only 2-2.5 hours long is easy. Just open up with a scene of Jack getting a call from some terrorist who wants to play cat-and-mouse with him, taunting him with "There's a bomb in a school somewhere in this city. You have 2 hours before it blows. Come and get me! Bwahahaha"

Crazay3922d ago

Think you lost your mind for a moment there buddy. Sounds a little like Die Hard 3 if you ask me.


JL3922d ago

lol I know it did. And it was probably inspired by that a bit. But I was just using that as a generic example of how a movie like this could still maintain the real-time gimmick but also provide enough content and story line to be interesting and "fulfilling".

gaden_malak3923d ago

I just hope Tony is in it.