TDKR's Jonah Nolan May Handle Re-writes On Akira

CBM says

Variety's report on WB's decision to halt production on Akira offers up a few extra details, suggesting the movie is still very much alive, and that Christopher Nolan's bro may be brought in as a new writer.

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Crazay3923d ago

This is the ONLY piece of good news I've seen from this project.

alycakes3923d ago

If they ever get it off the ground it's good news.

Crazay3922d ago

Ya - it's not looking too good is it? I suspect they MAY be actually taking some of the criticisms to heart but who knows?

alycakes3922d ago

What's it been now...about a year of off and on with trying to get this movie going or is this normal for most projects?

Crazay3922d ago

At the very least since it was seriously discussed but much longer since it was put into development hell.