The Daily Rotation - The Flowers of War Review

Sean of The Daily Rotation wrote, "The most expensive Chinese film of all time at a price tag of $90 million, right before the US premiere of this film, Christian Bale was involved in a fight with some Chinese prison guards that wouldn’t let him see a famous political prisoner. The latest film from the stylistic Yimou Zhang, it’s the story of 1939 Nanking, China, where the Japanese military has advanced into the city and demolished most of its final defenders. A small band of Chinese Army fighters saves a group of orphan school girls from the approaching Japanese Army, and by the time their tanks pass into the city, everyone from the Chinese regiment is dead, except Major Li (Dawei Tong), who watches the girls to safety while trying to formulate a plan of his own."

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alycakes3923d ago

I hope this is going to be released in the US soon and at all theaters. I hate it when it's limited release because then I usually don't get to see them if I have to drive to far just to see a movie.