The Devil Inside Review

"The way the story of The Devil Inside is told flows beautifully, building through every scene with bits of information being presented that will be important to note later, without disrespecting the audience by thinking that those facts must be jammed down our throats lest we forget them when they’re needed. To really “get” some of the specifics and intricacies of the story is important to pay attention, but it’s also easy to pay attention and retain the required background without realizing it is happening. Every scene builds on what came before, toward a climax that is quite intense indeed. There are no slow periods or parts that drag, but there are peaks and valleys so that the adrenaline has time to reduce back to near normal levels before spiking once again."

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alycakes3923d ago

Still can't decide if I want to see it at the theater or wait and see it at home.

Best-Horror-Movies3922d ago

If you don't goto the theater you should at least check it out. In my humble opinion. haha